About Us

“When I is Replaced by We, even Illness Becomes Wellness!”

- Malcolm X

The FetchyFox team is on a passionate mission to ensure everyone has equitable access during travel and beyond

It started with our Grandma's who are too often left underserved.  Could you have imagined that our loved ones traveling with reduced mobility are left without access to something as simple as food to take medicine?  


FetchyFox is partnering with leading airports to be part of the solution in these unprecedented times.  Safe, contactless commerce kicks off your digital transformation from the ground up.    The service can be easily launched to service those with reduced mobility or hidden disability in a matter of days.  


As avid adventurers, curious engineers, climbers, martial artists and travelers, ourselves - we are working tirelessly to improve the customer experience for everyone, everywhere


Work with FetchyFox to build the future travel experience - the smart way - based on intelligent insights, machine learning, and data.




Happiness Delivered™

At FetchyFox, we provide pleasant, yet personalized experiences to all travelers across airports based on data driven knowledge and learning.


Christina Apatow
CEO | Co-founder
Cha Li
CTO | Co-founder
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Sunnyvale, CA

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