Digital Airport Marketplace

The airport-wide solution facilitating touchless pre-ordering, pickup and delivery of goods and services

Use AI to improve customer experience and 

develop non-aero revenue streams for the future

Contactless Commerce Ecosystem

Bring all your airport has to offer right to your customers, safely on their own device.  As part of your WiFi landing page and across your digital assets, FetchyFox enables passengers to enjoy the convenient Contactless Commerce experience without downloading another app. 

FetchyFox works seamlessly with your existing infrastructure and partners to serve your customers where they are.

Help Customers Discover What's Relevant to Them

Personalized with AI for every customer to have a unique, curated product discovery experience.  FetchyFox combines contextual data like flight times, demographic data, and purchase patters to anticipate your customers wants and needs.

The Right Omni-Channel Solution to Increase Revenue

Launch the frictionless, familiar shopping experience that drives engagement and intelligently converts passengers into buyers.  

Universal Marketing Platform for Your Concessionaires to Grow

Facilitate sales growth through one seamless omni-channel solution that serves all concession operators and services providers.  For the first time, each of your partners' reach can be extended to all travelers.

Seamless Integration

The flexible architecture makes integrations easy for everyone with fast set up that plugs into existing setup

Merchants Control Their Menus, Prices and Promotions

FetchyFox works with your partners to give them full autonomy over their digital footprint in your Digital Airport Marketplace. 

For Oversight and Insight,

Go with FetchyFox

The administrative dashboards are the mission control center for your airport's digital commerce.  Here you can manage stakeholders, track performance, optimize concession packages and ensure accountability across the organization based on historical and real time data - and so much more.

Your trusted partner in growth during unprecedented times

Stakeholder alignment and passenger experience are key to a successful Digital Airport Marketplace.  FetchyFox makes it easy for airports and their partners to launch delightful, cost effective and scalable experience for passengers with seamless integration and a high performance cloud architecture.

The Digital Airport Marketplace compliments the Comfort Concierge offering with an elevated airport experience for all your guests

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