A Commerce Platform that gives you Insight on your Airport Operations.

Use cutting-edge machine learning technology to

expand your airport's services and delight customers.

FetchyFox Insight Science at Scale

Data Operations

The processes and logistics to improve the quality and cycle time of data products.

Data Engineering

The design and implementation of performant, reliable, and scalable data systems.

Data Science

The combination of statistics and machine learning to extract patterns from data.

FetchyFox Insight Science

Our unique combination of in-house technical and domain expertise to discover actionable and unprecedented insights to stakeholders.

Platform Features


The FetchyGraph

Connecting data, modelling relationships

The FetchyGraph is built using state-of-the-art graph databases and models behavior between travelers, purchases, and airports


Optimized for recommendation engines,  discovering related items, and quantifying similar travelers at scale


All this powers an intelligent e-commerce ecosystem that enables airports to increase sales and improve targeted ads.

Heterogeneous Multi-Cloud Architecture

Leverage multiple public cloud providers for increased reliability, fault-tolerance, and availability.


The strengths of different IaaS providers provides cost-effective and performant learning services.

Machine Learning
Machine Learning
Machine Learning

Latent Sales Discovery

Airport Marketplace analyzes the purchase behavior of millions of travelers to find untapped sales opportunities:

-Exploit dormant sales patterns for new marketing opportunities and product offerings.

-Uncover product relationships based on latent factors such as social, environmental, and temporal factors.

Traveler Fingerprints

A Traveler Fingerprint is the combination of demographic, travel, and purchase behavior data FetchyFox uses to understand and predict the needs and desires of a traveler.

Urgency, Upselling, Cross-Selling

FetchyFox’s real-time data infrastructure enables our technology to execute on insights immediately.


During peak hours, our platform can create a sense of urgency for popular products, though “limited time” and “selling fast” incentives.


Our machine learning expertise allows our platform to surface recommendations and discovery through product co-occurrence models.

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