The ultimate, end-to-end travel experience begins with your airline. Travelers start their journey with the booking process which could offer the most insights into customer behavior by capturing missed data opportunities. Our AI technology can safely collect and incorporate data insights to create marketing opportunities and even new business possibilities.

How FetchyFox Can Serve Your Airline

Increase Ancillary Revenue

Maximize the likelihood and availability of purchases - even before boarding - with a modern, familiar commerce platform integrated with your airline’s technology.

Carry Less Inventory, Offer More Choices

With FetchyFox you can carry less product onboard while tapping into the entire airport’s retail offerings.

Data Insights

Through AI technology, we help airlines understand and leverage their powerful customer data to maximize revenue opportunities, operational efficiency, and delightful customer experiences.

Always Safe & Secure

Our state-of-the art infrastructure was built to be GDPR and CCPA compliant by default - keeping data private and minimizing any risk of a security breach.  All data is anonymized and encrypted because we take cybersecurity very seriously.
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Our Expert Team

John Gow


Alice Oiles

Digital marketing

Kelly Do


Gary Walvey

marketing officer

Let’s talk about how FetchyFox’s AI can help you get to know your customer better while increasing revenue opportunities.