The FetchyFox team is on a passionate mission to ensure everyone has equitable access during travel and beyond. When Christina learned that her grandma was being left underserved at the airport, without guaranteed access to food or beverages to take her medicine before her flight, the notion for FetchyFox was realized. FetchyFox is partnering with airports to be part of the solution in guaranteeing an equitable airport experience for everyone.
In these unprecedented times, FetchyFox has expanded our safe, contactless commerce platform to help consumer-facing businesses through their digital transformation. As avid adventurers, curious engineers, climbers, martial artists and travelers, ourselves - we are working tirelessly to improve the customer experience for everyone, everywhere. Work with FetchyFox to build the future travel experience - the smart way - based on intelligent insights, machine learning, and data.


The ultimate, end-to-end travel experience begins with your airline. Travelers start their journey with the booking process which could offer the most insights into customer behavior by capturing missed data opportunities. Our AI technology can safely collect and incorporate data insights to create marketing opportunities and even new business possibilities.

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