Our Story

FetchyFox is the digital infrastructure and intelligence platform to help public spaces, like airports, improve the customer experience, maximize revenue, and extract insights with AI. We are a passionate team of technologists and innovators on a mission to deliver seamless end-to-end customer experiences of the future.

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, the AI company has attracted top aviation and travel industry experts from AI, airports, airlines, and leading organizations around the world to invent the ultimate end-to-end integrated travel experience of the future. As avid adventurers, curious engineers, climbers, martial artists and travelers, ourselves - we are working tirelessly to improve the customer experience for everyone, everywhere.

Our Mission

To be the secure digital marketplace that: delights travelers with equal, effortless commerce experiences, maximizes merchant opportunities and provides airports with an insight platform powered by machine learning and data.

Our Team

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Christina Apatow

CEO | Co-Founder

Christina is obsessed with building the future and solving complex problems. She speaks on AI, digital transformation, customer experience, and human centered design.

Christina is elected to the Airport Council International Steering Group for Marketing and Customer Experience. Prior to FetchyFox, Christina was VP Client Solutions for API.AI/DialogFlow (exit Google 2016) where she helped build the successful AI company. Christina led BD sales and served as the main technical point of contact for the company from launch in 2014. Christina also  worked at Lockheed Martin in Ballistic Missile Defense, Satellite Systems and VR.

She has a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Stanford and is deeply passionate about painting, and Jiu Jitsu.

Christina's Linkedin

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Cha Li

CTO | Co-Founder

"Ability gets you to the top, character keeps you from falling."

Cha is a force to be reckoned with. Cha excels with unstructured complex problems with his quick, imaginative and strategic mind. This coupled with an unquenched intellectual curiosity has propelled Cha to excel in complex domains including AI, Machine Learning, Distributed Computing and Cloud Architecture.
Prior to FetchyFox, Cha was an early employee at Lumo BodyTech where he led Data Science and Cloud Architecture. Cha also worked as a Software Engineer at Lockheed Martin on VR.

Cha also knows a thing or two about climbing, coffee, photography, chess and quantum computing.

Cha's Linkedin

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Rosemarie Andolino

CSO | Chief Strategy Officer

Rosie has been an aviation thought leader in Customer Experience, Innovation and Sustainability for decades. Serving as the Commissioner of Chicago Airports she led the $8 billion O'Hare Modernization Program (OMP). The OMP was the leading environmentally sustainable infrastructure program in the world.

Rosie also served as the Chairman of
MAG USA and CEO of International Development for the Manchester Airport Group, UK (MAG) where she oversaw the development of MAG's North American and Global Airport Services business including the Escape Lounges.

Outside of aviation, she enjoys serving as a Professional Board Member and long walks with beloved fur-babies Picolina and Zoey in the heart of beautiful Chicago.

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