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The Digital Marketplace for Your Airport

The intuitive platform that improves airport traveler experience, increases revenue and extracts insights with AI

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Our recovery as an industry depends on our ability to use technology to improve the traveler experience, and grow revenue.


FetchyFox offers a lightweight cloud software solution that integrates with your existing systems. Our Digital Airport Marketplace welcomes your customers with personalized, contactless access to all your airport has to offer.

A Marketplace for

All of Your Customers

Travelers can enjoy familiar pre-order, pickup, delivery and reservation based experiences at your airport. 

Access to all food, beverage, retail and services are just a click away - without the need to download an app.

Get the Best Insights

Directly from Your Customers

The Insight Science platform shows you how to increase sales and improve engagement on the fly with mobile dashboards in real-time.

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Case Study

Edinburgh Airport saw a 200x increase in e-commerce orders

"FetchyFox's undeniable commitment to frictionless design and seamless experiences paid off. The solution directly helped Edinburgh improve customer satisfaction and drive revenue on the ground and online."


Seamless Setup

Powerful software with no need to invest in expensive hardware.

The Digital Airport Marketplace works off your wifi infrastructure and can be up and running in a week.

Protecting Customer Data

Privacy-focused, anonymized and encrypted data collection.


We prioritize keeping data private and have strict procedures that minimize any risk of a data breach. Our technology was built to be GDPR compliant by default.

Our Secure Technology


Increase Revenue

The Airport Marketplace opens contactless  access to your ghost kitchens and fulfillment centers to maximize revenue opportunities.

& Oversight

Get feedback directly from your customers at any point in their journey.

Business Insights

Improve business operations and don’t miss out on collecting the right data to drive decisions.


Raise brand approval by ensuring quality service for underserved guests.

We really do make a difference to your customers.

“This was the best treatment I ever had at an Airport, I’m very happy about this service…” 

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Still unsure? Step inside and see what the future of airports looks like.