The Only AI-Driven Experience and

Contactless Commerce Platform

for Airports to Delight their Guests

Our expertise in serving those with reduced mobility has been expanded to service the entire airport community with 

safe, contactless ordering and delivery of goods and services

“This was the best treatment I ever had at an Airport, I’m very happy about this service…” 

FetchyFox is the first solution that bridges the in-person customer experience with the benefits of a digital transformation to better serve every stakeholder. Through AI, automation and beautiful design, FetchyFox enables new digital services to delight your guests like never before.


Welcome passengers back to travel with an inclusive, seamless and contactless experience

When We Know Better, We Do Better

Edinburgh Airport FetchyFox

"FetchyFox has an undeniable commitment to frictionless design and customer experience. The PRM Concierge has helped Edinburgh dramatically improve customer satisfaction, appreciation and passenger experience. It was fully up and running within days and has been very easy for our staff and commercial partners to work with."

-Ross Gilpin, Edinburgh Airport