The Digital Airport Marketplace Helps You

Know Your Customer

Through your dashboard that uses real-time data, you can view shopper personas and do customer segmentation and A/B testing to find missed opportunities with new markets while maximizing revenue with your current customers.

Provide a Better Experience

Modern consumers are looking for a seamless shopping experience that you can now offer with the Digital Airport Marketplace - the convenient commerce platform for airports.

Increase Profits  

Passenger volume is down, but you can capture your existing market and increase sales by using AI to upsell, cross sell, and make personalized recommendations to airport guests and employees.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Reduced labor costs through improved efficiency with ghost kitchens, virtual storefronts and fulfillment centers.

Protecting customer data

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  • Awesome Application

A Technology Partner You Can Grow With

Covid-19 brought a thriving industry to a halt and in the wake of its damage, it has highlighted the imperative to adapt to changing customer needs and behaviors. Our AI technology can bridge the gap between traditional business practices and modern consumer expectations to help you grow customer insights, loyalty, and revenue. As the creators of the Digital Airport Marketplace, we have the ability to constantly evolve our solution to adapt to changes.

Benefits of Working with FetchyFox

We Don’t Charge You

FetchyFox works with airports to provide the Digital Airport Marketplace for free to concessionaires.

We Remove Your Customers’ Barriers to Access

Meet customers where they are. Customers can access your offerings from a web page, app, the airport wifi page, and more - from any device!

Virtual Storefronts, Ghost Kitchens & Fulfillment Centers

The Digital Airport Marketplace helps you sell digitally, allowing you to expand your offerings without overextending your budget.

Brings Equity & Inclusion to All Guests

FetchyFox’s first mission was to bring access to those requiring special assistance in the airport. For the first time they had full access to retail and restaurant offerings.

Our AI Facilitates Targeted Marketing

Our insights and segmentation allow you to tailor your products and offers to your relevant audience in the most cost effective way by reducing customer acquisition costs.

In-Person and Virtual Training and 24/7 Support

The intuitive dashboards are easy-to-use and FetchyFox also offers training for managers and employees to utilize every feature for maximum ROI.

Contact-Tracing Capabilities

To build traveler confidence, we offer advanced contact tracing capabilities to maintain possible outbreaks by informing those infected as quickly as possible.

Always Safe & Secure

We are built to be GDPR and CCPA compliant by default - keeping data private and minimizing any risk of a security breach. All payment processing is PCI-compliant.  
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