An Omni-Channel Solution for All of Your Customers & Partners

FetchyFox enables a seamless transition to going digital by providing an AI-powered commerce platform that can grow with your business. As you delight your customers with flexible, contactless commerce options, your business gains new insights on customer behavior, product and service offerings, as well as an overview of your operations.

The Digital Marketplace Benefits

Actionable Insights

Get data-driven actionable insights on how to improve offerings based on customer behavior

Intelligent Target Marketing

Reach your intended audience with a deal or offering that is most relevant to them and save

Exceptional Guest Engagement

Our platform enables proactive engagement and collects direct feedback for unprecedented insight into customer behavior.

Dynamic Dashboards

View your real-time data, insights, and overall performance from an easy-to-use dashboard.

Private & Secure

FetchyFox is 100% pro-consumer and has strict data protection procedures in place to keep customer data protected.

Covid-19 Accelerated a Commercial Transformation

Consumer habits are changing, and businesses need to adapt to continue serving and delighting their customers. Through the Digital Marketplace, you can meet your customers where they are, digitally, without expensive infrastructure upgrades or unnecessary technical investments. Your customers get easy access to your business via the medium of their choice and you can manage it all with our sleek, custom dashboards.

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Our Expert Team

John Gow


Alice Oiles

Digital marketing

Kelly Do


Gary Walvey

marketing officer

Unsure of how to meet your customers’ needs with the Digital Marketplace?