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Place an order for food, beverages, or retail items through your FetchyFox app


Enjoy more time to work, play with your kids, or relax before your flight


Our friendly foxes will deliver your items to your gate before your flight

How can we make your life easier?

Business Travelers

Whether you’re already in the business class lounge or wishing you had a business class lounge to go into, FetchyFox brings luxury and convenience like you’ve never seen before.

Gate Huggers

We know you’re tired or nervous about missing flight updates - that’s why we exist! Let us bring the airport to you without giving up the peace of mind of being present when they call your boarding group.

People with Reduced Mobility 

When traveling alone, you don't have the option to browse the airport, pickup a bite, or do some shopping. With the FetchyFox app, we aim to make the airport more accessible for everyone.

Frequent Fliers

Never again will you have to choose between charging your device and finding a good meal. Never again will you need to stand in endless lines for one or two items. Relax, we’re bringing a revolution.  

Travelers with Children

Sit back and relax at even the most hectic airport with even the most chaotic travel companions. FetchyFox sees to your needs while you’re busy seeing to the needs of others.

Luxury Seekers

FetchyFox delivers a delightful experience for those looking to start their vacation early - at the airport. Unwind at the massage booth or pop-up bar and we’ll bring your magazines, snacks, and anything else you need wherever you are.

Flight Crew

No one understands the importance of proper nutrition for long flights better than flight crews! So we want to make it as convenient as possible for you to get your favorite items at any airport without having to go out of your way.

Souvenir Shoppers

Sometimes you need to ask a local for gift ideas to take back to your friends or family. Our couriers can recommend souvenirs, pick them up, and deliver them to your gate before your flight takes off.

Last Minute Packers

A lot of times you don’t think you need something until it’s too late to get it. Let us extend your window of opportunity by bringing you last minute items like sleep masks, souvenirs, neck pillows, hand sanitizer, etc…

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